"Identification for Extreme Temperatures"

Infosight® CeramiCode Chips can survive temperatures of well over 2000º F. (1100 deg C)
Typical applications are the identification of Setters , Molds and Individually Tracked items thru a kiln.

The CeramiCode chips are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses with or without holes. Holes permit the product attachment by screws or wire. Scroll down to see a few examples.


10mm x 10mm Ceramicodes

One interesting application pictured below shows a 15mm x 15mm CeramiCode cemented into a pocket cavity to identify a mold. Keeping the chip below the top mold surface datum protects the chip from scraping when the molds are stacked or slid.


mullite CeramiCode chip at 2000 º F.

2" x 3" alumina plate at 2200 º F.