Labelase is a marking process which involves the application of a white laser markable patch onto an item  followed by laser marking to black. The specific patch formulation permits marks which survive high temperatures , corrosive environments , oily surfaces , and rough surfaces. Here are some example applications:

Here we picture a forged automotive crankshaft where we have applied a high temperature white patch onto it’s rough surface and then cured the patch using brief induction heating to “cure” the patch. Unique high contrast piece laser marking follows.


The mark looks like an adhesive label but it isn’t!


The mark survives subsequent machining and heat treating , thereby providing traceability through the entire manufacturing process.


When installed in a engine, the patch survives for the life of the engine

Here we picture catylatic substrates with marks which survive downstream kiln temperatures.

Here we picture a sand mold  with marks which survive to the point of casting