Overview: Numerous technologies exist to bar code label industrial  tools and components. Standard adhesive labels have poor resistance to abrasion. RFID tags have a limited temperature range  [ typ. -40° F to 360° F (-40° to 160° C)] and do not interrogate well when applied or embedded in metal. 


Micro2D™ and Permalabel®:   Infosight provides a  CO2 laser markable  hard anodized media called Permalabel which is marked “subsurface”. The resulting  tag with an aluminum oxide surface is immune to scraping—you can actually sharpen a knife on the label!


When supplied as labels with small barcodes , the so-called  Micro2D™ labels may be affixed with conventional adhesives or with a dot of epoxy (shown) even on rough cast surfaces .  Micro2D labels are available as unmarked die cut shapes or as  sequential preprints. A small circular Micro2D label is shown below affixed to a tool and retains high read rates even after violent in use scraping and toolbox collisions.  Samples are available from Infosight ® Corporation*     888 642 3600 ( Becky Dolan) .





Micro2D label on a tool


*InfoSight Corp   We Barcode Difficult stuff ” --  see Infosight.com